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What the Church Teaches About Immigration Policy
Gerald Kicanas
Source: St. Anthony Messenger magazine
Published: Monday, July 18, 2011
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Blanca Morales listens to the speakers at a rally in East Chicago, Ind., April 1.
Emotions flare up at the mention of immigration. People feel strongly about the issue on all sides. People express their opinion on Web sites, in blogs, at rallies and in phone calls to their legislators. Like other bishops, I have received many e-mails, calls and letters mostly voicing anger about my involvement with the issue. Certainly, attitudes toward immigration guide the decision of some voters, especially in my state of Arizona.

As people of faith it is critical that we understand the complexities of  immigration. As people of faith it is critical that we have opportunities to discuss the issue so that we can better understand the Church’s concern and involvement in this issue. As people of faith we need to share our attitudes and feelings and—as hard as it is sometimes—we need to listen.

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