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For the Ride Home is an online Sunday readings supplement for Catholics to further reflect on the Sunday readings heard at Mass. Find the actual New American Bible text links, questions for reflection and commentary from a popular book.
For the Ride Home
by Ted Bergh
Second Sunday of Lent (C)
February 28, 2010
•Look up at the stars and count the stars, if you can.  (Genesis 15:5)
•“To your descendents I give this land.”  (Genesis 15:18)
•He will change our lowly body to conform with his glorified body…(Philippians 3:21)
• Peter and his companions had been overcome by sleep, but becoming fully awake, they saw his glory and the two men standing with him. (Luke 9:32)
•Then from the cloud the voice said, “This is my chosen Son, listen to him.”  After the voice had spoken Jesus was found alone. (Luke 9:35)
•What prevents or hinders you from accepting your spiritual inheritance?
•Can you count the stars or conceive of God’s blessing that is the gift of faith?
•Have you ever had a mountaintop experience of God?
•Where do you find Jesus after leaving the “mountaintop”?
•How is spiritual life kept fresh in the busyness of daily life?

The invisible has become visible; the intangible became tangible in Christ. History has been shocked into new life since Jesus came to play a part in it: the cosmos has become a sacred offering since the Word took flesh from a woman living in the cosmos.
God has become man, the Word has become a child, Immensity has accepted limitations.
The infinite has become finite.
The unknowable has made himself known.…
In order to believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God, we need a revelation from the Father.
We need absolute humility of mind and heart if we are to enter into such a mystery as this. There is no point in discussing it.1

1Carretto, Carlo, In Search of the Beyond, Image Books, Doubleday, NY 1978, p. 63.

For the Ride Home is available for publication in your parish bulletin. Please contact Ted Bergh for details, or to communicate any questions or feedback. Ted Bergh is a free-lance writer serves on the advisory board of St. Anthony Messenger Press.
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