Linking articles from St. Anthony Messenger to your education
The following Links for Learners resources are study guides on Catholic topics from various issues of St. Anthony Messenger online edition. They are designed for young Catholics, particularly those in high school.


Church Teaching and Ethics
Helping Couples Prepare for Marriage
Will I See My Little Doggy in Heaven?”
Crisis in the Church: Our Search for Healing
Understanding Annulments
Bioethics and Faith: Sister Carol Taylor
The Ethics of Cloning
Stem-cell Research: How Catholic Ethics Guides Us
The New Mysteries of the Rosary
'Thou Shalt Not Kill': The Church Against Assisted Suicide

The Rebirth of Odyssey
Bil Keane's Family Circus
The Humanitas Prize: Encouraging Hollywood's Best
Martin Sheen: A Catholic President on Prime Time
Steve McEveety: Catholic Producer in Hollywood

International Affairs
The Bethlehem Siege: An Insider's Account
The Middle East Peace Process: Patriarch Michel Sabbah's View
Haitian Children in Bondage
El Salvador: Climbing Up From the Rubble
The Iraqi Church Cries Out
Rebuilding Homes and Faith in Bosnia
Rebuilding Assisi, Stone by Stone
Children of Chernobyl
Peace in Ireland: Near at Last?
Vietnam Today: A Time of Healing

Pope and Church Leaders
Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta & Pope John Paul II: 25 Years of Service
Calm Amid the Storm: An Interview With Bishop Wilton Gregory
Vatican II at 35: An Interview with Cardinal William Keeler
Blessed Pope John XXIII: An 'Ordinary' Holiness
The Pope Visits St. Louis
Simon Peter: A Pope for All Seasons
The Pope in Cuba: A Call for Freedom

Kathleen McChesney: Helping the Bishops Get it Right
No Greater Gift: Mychal Judge, O.F.M.
The Sacred Art of Michael O'Neill McGrath
Bill Hemmer: CNN's Emmy-winning News Anchor
Madeleine L'Engle: An Epic in Time
Columbine High's Selfless Heroes
Brother Priests Minister in West Virginia
Priest and Rabbi: the Media’s God Squad
Ted Marchibroda: Helping the Ravens Take Flight

St. Juan Diego: New World Apostle
St. Anthony: Portugal's Favorite Son
Francis: Saint for a New Millennium
Saints in the Supermarket
Edith Stein: Our Newest Saint
St. Jerome: The Perils of a Bible Translator

How Did You Experience Jesus Today?
The Incarnation of Jesus
Ten Truths We Share: Jews, Christians and Muslims
In the Belly of Lent: Jonah and Us

The Evangelizing Power of the Holy Spirit
Jesus, the Messiah
Mary, the First Disciple

Social Justice
Renewing the Face of the Earth: Jesuit Al Fritsch
She Opens Doors: Marie Wilkinson
Notre Dame-AmeriCorps: The Joy of Service
'Opening the Doors': Black Catholics in the U.S.
Habitat for Humanity: Building the City of God

God's Photo Album
Finding God in Life's Transitions
An Irish Journey Into Celtic Spirituality
The Forgotten Art of Blessing
How Men Find God
10 Lessons on the Beach
Faith and Medicine: A Growing Practice
From Darkness Into Light

Young People
World Youth Day 2002: A Pilgrim's View
Young Adult Catholics: Are They Coming Back?
Young People's Beginning Experience

St. Peter's Parish: Death and Resurrection at Ground Zero
Protecting Children From Internet Predators
Catholics Among the Mormons
Community of the Beatitudes
The Famine That Brought the Irish to America
Friends of the Crèche
Reviving the Religious Freedom Restoration Act

September 11 in Manhattan: Finding My Son Alive
A Truly Special First Communion



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