Saint Hubert

Saint of the Day for 11/3

Patron Saint of: Hunters

Bishop of Maastricht, Netherlands, and disciple of Saint Lambert, Hubert was a married court­ier serving Pepin of Heristal, France. He reportedly had a vision of a crucifix between the horns of a stag while hunting. Widowed, he is believed to have entered Stavelot Monastery, Belgium, and was ordained by St. Lambert at Maastricht. He succeeded Saint Lambert about 705 as bishop. Hubert erected a shrine for Saint Lambert’s relics at Liege, France. He was noted for his miracles and for converting hundreds. Hubert died at Tervueren, near Brussels, Belgium, on May 30. He is a patron saint of hunters.

With all of the controversy over environmental issues, guns and hunting in our society, maybe we can pray to Saint Hubert for the wisdom and prudence to see our way through the maze of opinions and facts.