The November U.S. elections are over and the country prepares for a new administration. Explore the tie between religious belief and political issues–life, war, immigration, the economy, family and education, health care and the environment–that the American bishops targeted as key.
Prayers for a New Moment in History
With the election of a new president of the United States, Americans turn to God in prayer—for our nation, our government, our government officials and the world.
A Prayer for the Nation
Almighty God, you have given us this
good land for our heritage. We humbly ask
you that we may always prove ourselves a
people mindful of your favor and glad to
do your will. Bless our land with honorable
endeavor, sound learning and pure
manners. Save us from violence, discord
and confusion, from pride and arrogance,
and from every evil way. Defend our
liberties and fashion into one united people
the multitude brought here out of many
nations and tongues. Endow with the Spirit
of wisdom those to whom in your name we
entrust the authority of government, that
there may be justice and peace and home,
and that through obedience to your law
we may show forth your praise among the
nations on earth. In time of prosperity
fill our hearts with thankfulness, and in the day
of trouble do not allow our trust in you to fail.
A Prayer for Government
a handful of courageous men
in a moment of danger
pledged their lives, fortunes and honor
to proclaim a nation whose citizens’ rights
were based, not upon the nod of king
   or ruler,
but upon creation at Your hands.
Grant to our administration
a ministry of service to all, not the few.
To our Congress, the upholding
   of public interest
not merely a welter of competing
   private claims.
To our judiciary, a wisdom in interpreting law
grounded in principle, not expediency.
Pour Your Spirit out upon our people
so that they may become active
in the affairs of government
that they may not confuse dissent
   for disloyalty
that they may use their mighty power
for the healing of differences among nations
with justice and mercy and love.
A Prayer for Government Officials
Merciful Lord, bless our country.
Enlighten with your grace the President
of these United States and all who bear
office with the President, that in all things
we may be governed in justice and equality.
Grant us not only such outward prosperity
as is your will, but, above all things, such faith,
hope and charity that your name will always
be glorified in our midst.
A Prayer for the World
God of all, make us aware that you want all
nations to be your one family. Help us to be
concerned about the welfare of every
individual you have put on this earth. May
all nations allow themselves to be guided
by a common standard of justice and truth,
while respecting the rich variety of many
cultures. May those whom you have
blessed with greater material and spiritual
riches recognize your call to share with
those who are now developing toward
nationhood. Hasten the day when wars will
cease and people will live in tolerance and
peace because they have learned to respect
your image in every person.
From Catholic Prayers for Every Day and All Day,
St. Anthony Messenger Press
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