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Faith-Filled Family (Giving Ourselves a Time-Out--August 2002)

In what ways does your family observe the Sabbath?

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Welcome to a new forum hosted by America... 7/29/2002
I observed Fridays as my day of rest Anthony 7/30/2002
Not a day of rest but a time of rest Theresian 7/31/2002
Sabbath observations RestinginDallas 8/1/2002
Resting in Dallas Anthony 8/1/2002
Sabbath observations Resting In Dallas 8/17/2002
Sabbath BK 8/21/2002
Sabbath Bre 8/21/2002
Faith filled Sabbath Mary 8/23/2002
Sabbath observance Connie 7/30/2002
Saturday as Sabbath Timeheart 8/16/2002
Sunday Observance Cah 8/11/2002
Sunday observance DonnaT 8/19/2002
Sunday Observance Cah 8/22/2002
faith ginny 8/15/2002
getting faith back vista 8/22/2002
Faith Ewald 8/22/2002
Suggestion BW 8/23/2002
’getting faith back’ Dusty 8/24/2002
Catholic Bible Studies DonnaT 8/17/2002
Catholic Bible Studies Carol 8/19/2002
bible study christy 8/21/2002
Catholic Bible Study Ron 8/21/2002
Re:bible study betsy 8/22/2002
Catholic Bible Study Donna T 8/21/2002
Study groups cmb 8/21/2002
bible studies betsann 8/22/2002
Catholic Bible Studies -Thanks! Donna T 8/23/2002
bible study betsy 8/22/2002
How do I observe Sundays. Joyce 8/17/2002
How do I observe Sundays Donna T 8/19/2002
Keeping the Sabbath Holy Maggie 8/26/2002
Pocket PC version of Catholic Bible Juan 8/23/2002
Catholics do not observe Fr. Bob 8/26/2002
2 questions DavidP68 8/26/2002
Sabbath observance Erika 8/26/2002

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