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John Vianney: The Saint Who Read Souls at a Glance--March 2003

Share a positive experience you have had with a priest, or how a priest has helped you.


Date: 4/22/2003 4:13:14 PM
Name or Pseudonym: Anthony
Subject: friendly priest who became a friend

I have a very good friendship with my priest. Msgr. Chris Lathem of St. John the Beloved in Summerville, SC is a wonderful metor and friend. I have known Msgr. Lathem since I began attending the parish in 1st grade. I truly became touched by him when in 3rd grade I was serving Mass as an altar server. I had just "graduated" from the altar server training class at the parish and was serving only my second Mass. The humor of the story overwhelms me now although it was the intial fear that originally overhwlemed me. I was scheduled to serve at an early 7:30am Mass on none other than the day Daylight Savings Time ended. So the time change had caused everyone else to be late by an hour. I was the only altar server at the church. It was my priest’s genuine care and concern that helped me through. He reminded me of things to be done and helped me throughout the Mass. He turned what could of been a horrific experience that chased me away from altar serving into a feeling of joy at what I had accomplished. I am one of the teachers of the altar servers class now at the age of 19 and have developed a special bond with Msgr. Lathem since he helped me on that day. Anyone who says that a priest should not be a friend is wrong. For the best mentor I have is also one of my best friends.

God bless all.

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