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John Vianney: The Saint Who Read Souls at a Glance--March 2003

Share a positive experience you have had with a priest, or how a priest has helped you.


Date: 4/15/2003 11:35:38 AM
Name or Pseudonym: Carol
Subject: Father Marc

Several years ago, I had my 1st marriage had been a very abusive relationship, and I really did not know the Lord all that well, and certainly was not following Him. The annulment process seemed as if it was going to be "scary"...I felt vulnerable, even though the marriage actually ended in divorce over 10 years before. I knew I was going to have to open myself up and share what transpired during the marriage, and also tell of all my family background, etc., which as a Catholic, definitely contributed to "my" part of the unhealthy relationship. I sought out a wonderful priest who I had come to know at my new parish. His name was "Father Marc". (He is now a Monsignor!) "Marc", as he wanted me to call him, became not only my spiritual director and counselor, but more importantly, my friend. He took me through this annulment process with the utmost of dignity and compassion; I felt all the while as if he were my earthly brother, as well as "my priest", and so I could easily confide in him the troubled childhood and adulthood I had had...Fr. Marc, "Marc", really helped to bring me into a new and more blessed and holy relationship with Jesus Christ, my Lord and Saviour...he let me know, by his actions and the word from the Church and the Bible, that God in Christ LOVED me and that I was totally forgiven of this sin in my life...this unholy union. I was a free woman once I had this annulment; I mean free in my spirit!!! I felt washed clean and I love Fr. Marc, the one who said: "I am your friend, Marc", to this day! God Bless priests and priestly vocations; especially, the chosen ones who carry so much love of Jesus in their hearts!!!

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