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John Vianney: The Saint Who Read Souls at a Glance--March 2003

Share a positive experience you have had with a priest, or how a priest has helped you.


Date: 2/28/2003 6:58:24 PM
Name or Pseudonym: Father Anthony Of Marytown
Subject: Guided By The HOLY SPIRIT

Today I promised my little 6 year old that I would take him to Marytown for being such a patient and good boy. My son loves Marytown because they have perpetual Eucharistic adoration and he loves thier gift store. We went to the noon mass and said the rosary on the way. It is at Marytown, that my little boy, after prostrating himself in front of the Eucharist, one early morning at 3:00AM, told me he would like to be a priest. He has since,for the past two years, continued to be very pius and Loves Jesus so much that daily he asks me if he can know receive the Holy Eucharist. He has made his first confession at 4 1/2, his request, and has been studying his catechisim daily in preparation for his First Holy Communion. As promised after Mass we went off to the gift shop at Marytown and my little boy began picking out his First Holy Communion items, which he was so excited to finally be doing. We were finished with his selections when the door opened and the Priest that said the noon Mass, Father Anthony walked in, he briefly spoke with another person and it dawned on me that it would be a good time to get my boys religious items blessed. Immediately prompted to approach him I started in his direction with my son. I said Father Anthony, this is my son also Anthony,a good name isn’t it? I was about to ask Father to bless the items in our basket when he bent forward near my little Anthony and said, " so I hear you want to be a Priest, all you have to do is talk to Jesus, tell Him how much you love Him and want to serve and ask Him to help you and He will." He then put his hand over our basket and without even asking he began the blessing and also blessed Anthony and myself. Anthony told Father he wanted to be a really good Priest just like Saint Josemaria Escriva and Father said, what a wonderful choice. Anthony said how did you know I want to be a Priest- no one had ever mentioned it to him and we did not know each other personally- who told you? Father Anthony said ,I did not know for I am nothing but the Holy Spirit helped me. I thought this was one of the kindest deeds I have ever seen a Priest do, he continued to speak with Anthony and I about wonderful things for some time and we even addressed a hole in my heart that Father Anthony put a bandage over instantly. He is truly a Priest for today, so reverent and obedient to the Pope and able to speak the truth from the pulpit so eloquently. God Bless Father Anthony of Marytown, in Illinois.

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