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Conversation Corner
John Vianney: The Saint Who Read Souls at a Glance--March 2003

Share a positive experience you have had with a priest, or how a priest has helped you.

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Welcome to a new forum hosted by America... 2/25/2003
Great Parish Pastor Randy M. 2/26/2003
Great Parish Priest Nancy M 3/5/2003
Thanking God for Priests Jackie 3/5/2003
Share a Positive story about a Parish Pr... Dgallway 3/21/2003
Helping priests G 4/1/2003
remembrance Maria 4/14/2003
Mixed marriage Mary 4/15/2003
Fr. Louis Angella Patty 4/17/2003
My Irish Pastor in Miami I felt loved 2/26/2003
How a priest has helped me elena 2/26/2003
compassion lillian 2/27/2003
Guided By The HOLY SPIRIT Father Anthony Of Marytown 2/28/2003
WOW!!! Leigh 4/10/2003
Priest in my life Nora 3/2/2003
Fr. Joe Maguire, SJ Terry 3/2/2003
A Loving Servant Dwayne W 3/2/2003
Fr Considine st Williams church 3/2/2003
Give thx to all Priests twistofate 3/3/2003
how a priest has helped Mcmb 3/4/2003
friendly priest who became a friend Anthony 4/22/2003
All Religions Are Welcome faithful 3/4/2003
to faithful mandy 3/5/2003
He made a difference sara1377 3/4/2003
Father Stan Fortuna The Heberts 3/6/2003
Oh, how blessed are you! Shoshana 3/22/2003
Our Marriage Encounter Experience glo 3/7/2003
Positive experience with a priest Impressed 3/7/2003
Pastor is Doing God’s Work One Parishoner 3/7/2003
Priest - Ask a Franciscan I was unsure 3/7/2003
Priest made the difference Mom of First Communion Girl 3/7/2003
Gone But Not Forgotten June Renee’ 3/10/2003
great priest klm 3/10/2003
Fr. Joel Mcneil melody 3/10/2003
He is God’s love Cradle Catholic 3/13/2003
Understanding Love and Dislike Emma 3/14/2003
Re: Understanding Love and Dislike Emma 3/25/2003
Re: Happy Experience Leslie 3/14/2003
Our Father Bloom of Holy Family in Seatt... Mary 3/17/2003
he pulled me in newbie 3/17/2003
Fr. Mike a friend 3/21/2003
A solid and friendly man ! Hrafn 3/23/2003
Comfort Gisele 3/23/2003
Father Marc KB 3/28/2003
Priests who have lovingly effected my li... John Trombley 3/28/2003
Two great priests I’ve known Alexis 4/7/2003
April.6 Fr.Albert Peroro 4/8/2003
Father Marc Carol 4/15/2003

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