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Conversation Corner
Faith-Filled Family (Church Sex-Abuse Crisis Hits Close to Home--September 2002)

Share your thoughts and insights on how the clergy sex-abuse crisis has affected your family.


Date: 10/24/2002 11:07:02 PM
Name or Pseudonym: Concerned mom and convert
Subject: Sex abuse

I, too, am very concerned about all that has happened. I guess it’s true about the old saying, "What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger". I like to think that this scandal will force our church to clean its closets, come up with new policies, and make it stronger and better than ever before. It is difficult to watch TV shows I am usually fond of only to hear jokes about priests or see them killed off in a story line. I know people make mistakes and forgiveness is the for all. I have a hard time, though, with knowing that after sufficient proof has been provided to convict an abuser I am being forced to pay for their court costs with the money I put in the collection plate. I think the Vatican’s recent decision not to come up with a new document regarding how to handle abuse cases in the future is very damaging in the eyes of the world. I say once a priest has been proven guilty of the first offense they should be defrocked.

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