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Conversation Corner
Faith-Filled Family (Church Sex-Abuse Crisis Hits Close to Home--September 2002)

Share your thoughts and insights on how the clergy sex-abuse crisis has affected your family.


Date: 9/23/2002 4:43:04 PM
Name or Pseudonym: heavy heart
Subject: clergy abuse

When the clergy scandal first hit the press, it was hard to believe that our priests could be allowed to perpetrate crimes on our children. And then, the scandal hit home. A most beloved priest of our family that we personally know was removed from service. All sorts of emotions came over me. It was like finding out one of my own family members had committed a crime. On one hand, my heart definitely went out to the victims, but on the other hand, here was our beloved priest, a kind, intelligent, and caring person! One moment I would picture a victim, and then the next moment I would picture this particular priest. I certainly am not saying that we should condone these actions from a priest. However, I certainly have a better understanding now of WHY the Bishops and the hierarchy have tried so hard to give these priests "extra chances". No, they shouldn’t give them extra chances. My saddened heart cries out for BOTH the victim and our beloved priest.

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