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Conversation Corner
Faith-Filled Family (Church Sex-Abuse Crisis Hits Close to Home--September 2002)

Share your thoughts and insights on how the clergy sex-abuse crisis has affected your family.


Date: 9/4/2002 10:22:27 AM
Name or Pseudonym: concerned laywoman
Subject: sex abuse

Nothing has impacted me in our church as much as this scandal. Several of my adult children see this emphasizing the hypocricy in our church - I fear they’re gone. I struggle with the homilies, writings etc. How could so many cardinals, bishops and other clergy (certainly many knew of this, even if not personally involved) slap the laity’s hands over trivial matters, preach such pious words and still cover this up. As a retired psychotherapist, I question why are they not doing more to uncover and correct the causes (and they are NOT homosexuality and lack of rigid norms) to insure it will never happen again. Where is the humility and repentance on the part of the bishops, as well as the pastoral (not therapeutic) atonement to victims. Certainly not in our diocese! Without the above, the charter is meaningless.

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