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Faith-Filled Family (Church Sex-Abuse Crisis Hits Close to Home--September 2002)

Share your thoughts and insights on how the clergy sex-abuse crisis has affected your family.


Date: 8/29/2002 5:27:14 PM
Name or Pseudonym: One concern Dad of five children
Subject: Sex Abuse

I am very upset with Cardinal Law of Boston and Bishop Brown of San Diego.

Cardinal Law of Boston -- How can any person who puts God first have allowed these men access to children? The only reason a person remains in office or in a position of power after making such a hideous mistake is if he is hiding something else. I think Cardinal Law has some other terrible sins that he is trying to keep a lid on.

Bishop Brown of San Diego -- lied to his people, he told us that the Dioceses of San Diego had a few minor cases of abuse of which less than $200,000.00 had been paid out to settle these cases. The truth came out and Dioceses of San Diego has paid much more than what Bishop Brown had told us and had many more abuse cases than what was told.

These men should resign their positions’, they have denied the love of Christ and have lied to their people. At least Peter asked for forgiveness.

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