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Family Corner (Thanksgiving Thoughts--November 2003)

How can you and your family express your gratitude in a new way this year?


Date: 12/5/2003 10:01:20 AM
Name or Pseudonym: entwydumela
Subject: The Challenge

The interesting point about this question is that it is addressed to more than just the one, the ME, the I. We can add to our activities by simply adjusting schedules. But, can we add to activities when those activites include others? So, first we look at our immediate family and determine what we, as a unit, can do differently that will express our gratitude for the many blessings we have. Can we, as a family, agree to and activity outside of our normal and comfortable pace? That is the first challenge.
But, as individuals, we can be seen as belonging to many differnt families. There are those bonds we form at work, bonds that can be considered a familial in nature becuase of the closeness in friendships. Indeed, there is that sense of Family Love about those friendships. the challenge is: What can we Friends do differently to express our gratitude to our Lord for the friendship He has allowed us to share? What activity? that is the second challenge.
Finally, if we believe that every man is our brother, as defined by our Lord, then we belong to a greater family that needs to be included in our plans for expressing gratitude and thanksgiving. The greatest challenge is to join with them in this expression, joining their activities, releasing our hold on our egos and become one with our believing brothers and sisters, strangers all, beloved by God, joined to Him with us through His love. This is our family, and this is the third challenge.

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