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Family Corner (Thanksgiving Thoughts--November 2003)

How can you and your family express your gratitude in a new way this year?


Date: 11/4/2003 8:59:47 AM
Name or Pseudonym: brigid
Subject: gratitude

I always try to express my gratitude to God by getting names of kids off of the Angel trees and buy them the toys/clothes that they want for christmas. I also always try to give to charity when I can...that is another way I express my gratitude for what I have. This christmas is going to be extra special...I know a girl that used to be of a religion that doesnt celebrate ANY holidays, this is going to be her first christmas since she was a little 4 yr old child. Her family has cut off most contact with her since she left their I am in such gratitude to God that I have the chance to share with her and her little boy the joy in the upcoming season.

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