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Family Corner (Praying the Rosary--October 2003)

How does praying the rosary draw you closer to God and others?


Date: 11/11/2003 2:19:48 PM
Name or Pseudonym: doubtful
Subject: Scripture

Your explanation of Mary re:praying the Rosary REALLY seems a stretch.WHY would I ever consider praying to Mary or Saints,etc.,when they like me were all sinners?In Luke 1:47, Mary herself refers to God, HER Savior!Someone free of sin has no need of a Savior.Further,don’t we have DIRECT access to the Father in the name of Jesus?Why bother with tertiary?.Lastly, I still attend Mass with my family when I visit them.However, with just a single exception,I can’t recall geting good solid bible teaching during the Homily.What a shame.Jesus was completely familiar with the Scriptures, and often used them.Yet all the years I spent growing up in the Catholic church, there was NEVER any emphasis on learning the scriptures.Thanks for listening.May the Lord Jesus be with you!!

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