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Family Corner (Praying the Rosary--October 2003)

How does praying the rosary draw you closer to God and others?


Date: 10/28/2003 10:50:59 AM
Name or Pseudonym: Oscar
Subject: What the Bible says

There are many passages in the Bible that are taken out of context, especially when we deal with translations.

The passage you refer to does not mean that repitition is bad - it means "don’t pray as the heathens do!" Don’t seek earthly contentment and material things, "seek ye rather the Kingdom of God."

As proof, let’s examine the exacting ritual of the Hebrews. The Jewish worship service was repetitive, centering around what God had handed down to the Hebrews. God has determined how He wishes to be worshipped and it is our job to remain faithful to His desires. He has given us a new form of public worship (the Mass) according to the New Covenant.

The prayers of the Rosary are biblical - the Our Father was given to us by Christ Himself, and the Hail Mary comes to us from both the angelic salute, "Hail, full of grace" and from Mary’s own statement, "all generations shall call me blessed." Furthermore, the Rosary gives glory to God and is a request to His Mother that she help us through her own prayers to Him. That we can ask for her help, and benefit from it, is clear from the wedding feast at Cana which we read about in the Bible.

One last item: Which came first, The Lord’s Prayer or the Bible? Clearly the Lord’s Prayer did, because Christ gave it to the Apostles sometime around the year 30 A.D., but the Bible was not completely written until around 100 A.D. And the writings of the Bible did not come together as a whole until the Catholic Church determined which books of the New Testament were divinely inspired. The use of the Lord’s prayer comes to us from Apostolic Tradition, a source of Divine Revelation equal to the Bible.

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