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Family Corner (Praying the Rosary--October 2003)

How does praying the rosary draw you closer to God and others?

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Welcome to a new forum hosted by America... 9/25/2003
praying the rosary prayer warrior 9/26/2003
pray the rosary Maria 9/26/2003
My rosary Maria de los Angeles 10/8/2003
Maria de los Angeles Maria 10/9/2003
praying the rosary cam 11/8/2003
The Rosary Paul 10/6/2003
How well are children [like me] educated... Kristen 10/3/2003
Kristen Maria 10/9/2003
to Kristen Prayer Warrior 10/10/2003
Re Fish 10/20/2003
cool! newbie 10/15/2003
Catholic Religion Courses Oscar 10/28/2003
Catholic Kids passerby 11/10/2003
hard to pray sqwid 10/11/2003
praying the Rosary child of God 10/18/2003
Reply Fish 10/20/2003
Why not both? KRP 11/23/2003
Difficulty in Prayer entwydumela 11/21/2003
rosary curious 10/17/2003
What the Bible says Oscar 10/28/2003
what the bible says curious 11/5/2003
some answers here passerby 11/6/2003
Repitition by example Oscar 11/7/2003
repetitive prayer angela 11/18/2003
Define meaningless Oscar 11/20/2003
Repetitive Lord’s Prayer Entwydumela 11/20/2003
Repetitive Prayer Martine 11/7/2003
Scripture doubtful 11/11/2003
Re: Scripture TheresaS 11/13/2003
prayer is good newbie 11/13/2003
Scripture Oscar 11/13/2003
scripture passinby 11/25/2003
Private Interpretation Oscar 11/26/2003
Re: Scripture Martine 11/23/2003
Rosary TheresaS 11/11/2003
praying the Rosary child of G od 10/21/2003
In times of stress sqwid 10/23/2003
In times of stress TheresaS 11/11/2003
in times of stress carolann 11/22/2003

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