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Family Corner (September Blessings--September 2003)

What are the moments in your children's lives that call for blessing?


Date: 9/6/2003 7:38:08 PM
Name or Pseudonym: sqwid
Subject: My school kids

I always give my school kids a blessing at the end of the day. (Catholic School) My Baptism gives me the right to do that. I simply put my hand out after they bow their heads. I ask God to bless their families, their time at home, their sleep and their growing bodies. I ask God to help them do the right thing and avoid sin. I have the right to do this as a person who loves God.....feels His love.....and wants to share it with my little charges. On the days I forget, they remind me. Hey, you forgot to give us a blessing! The priests are so busy and we’re short on it is the lay people who MUST show the children that God loves them and their little everyday lives are important. When my sons were growing up they let me bless them before school or before a big event. It was a way to put our faith in action. We need more of it as a reminder of God we belong to in this wild and crazy American culture.

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