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Family Corner (Forming a Right Conscience--August 2003)

What are the qualities of a person of good conscience?


Date: 8/17/2003 11:26:54 PM
Name or Pseudonym: Bruce
Subject: Qualities

In order to have a good conscience, one has to base their efforts on truth and integrity. Without honesty in all things, then one lies. If you lie then you need to continue to cover up your lie(s) or ask forgiveness. In doing so, a person’s conscience should be bothering him/her.

Also, defending your principles and standing by your faith are also matters of conscience. We are commissioned to defend the faith and in doing so need to stand by our faith, our principles and to preach and teach God’s Word no matter how not "with the times" it is. We are here to please God, we are not here to appease the masses.

Are we looking at the church and trying to change it to fit our own needs? Are we looking at ourselves and asking ourselves whether we need to change in order to please our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ?

God bless!

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