Conversation Corner
Family Corner (Forming a Right Conscience--August 2003)

What are the qualities of a person of good conscience?


Date: 8/6/2003 10:47:06 AM
Name or Pseudonym: Ann
Subject: Person of good conscience

This topic required me to look deeper into my own conscience because I could not readily list all the qualities.

I believe that someone of good conscience has alot of mirrors in their home because they can look at themselves an be unashamed.

Someone who ponders decisions with the Holy Spirit and acts upon what is right especially when it’s too easy to act on impulse.

Someone who walks the walk but does not talk the talk. Where they lead by a quiet example. Where they do the right thing without expecting anything in return. Where they do the right thing even when no one is around to notice.

And the quality that I admire most is having the ability to not only be sorry for their sins but to actively work at penance and avoid repeating the same sins.

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