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Family Corner (Forming a Right Conscience--August 2003)

What are the qualities of a person of good conscience?


Date: 8/4/2003 8:12:13 PM
Name or Pseudonym: Remember the Souls in Purgatory
Subject: Qualities of a good persons conscience

I think intent of sin has a lot to do with it. It’s the intent that really has a lot to do with qualities that make a good person have a clean conscience.

Also a person filled with Mercy, Love, Kindness, and forgivness has good Conscience.
Someone who is aware at all times if they are offending God through- thought, word and deed. This is especially true for someone to live with a good conscience as a Christian.

We are human and it is hard at times to follow Gods complete will but with" God all things are possible. "

However in good conscience I do not choose to be around people who abuse me and other’s. People who always are offending God. I forgive them and pray for them. But I do not approve of them offending God.

Remember the souls in Purgatory
Thank You and God Bless

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