Conversation Corner
Family Corner (Forming a Right Conscience--August 2003)

What are the qualities of a person of good conscience?


Date: 7/29/2003 2:48:25 PM
Name or Pseudonym: Maria
Subject: qualities of good conscience

Very good topic. As we are only privy to the exterior of a person, actions, words, etc. we can only base our judgement on these criterium. From our life experience we may assume certain qualities are part of a person with a good conscience but we can never really be sure. A good conscience is abstract to any one but the person who has it. In my life experience I think a person who tells the truth is someone with a good conscience. Whether telling that truth brings harm to him or his family he stands by what he knows is right. At the same time will we tell the truth when we know someone we love will be hurt? Even my definition is not above doubt. Also the old saying if you sleep well at night you have a good conscience, well we know Saddam is not sleeping well these nights and probably never did. It will be interesting to read what others have to say, it will be a learning experience.

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