Conversation Corner
Family Corner (Teaching Forgiveness--July 2003)

In what area(s) do you need to be forgiven by someone?


Date: 8/1/2003 10:44:13 AM
Name or Pseudonym: cue
Subject: unfaithful

Thank you so much for your response. Your right about Love. I love him for being the father that he is to my child. But in love with him I am not. On the other hand he would tell me he loved me every day, night and morning. But actions speak louder than words. I agree with your last sentence about how people wanting to be a family so bad just becuz it’s the right thing to do. I’ve overlooked many things. Things that If I’d taken a better look at the relationship before moving him in I’d probably would have prevented this from happening. Thank you so much for your response. God Bless you always.

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