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Family Corner (Teaching Forgiveness--July 2003)

In what area(s) do you need to be forgiven by someone?


Date: 7/22/2003 11:40:47 AM
Name or Pseudonym: cue
Subject: unfaithful

Recently, I have rekindled with my Ex-husband after 3 years. Who is also the father to my only daughter. We’ve always stayed in contact and often hung out with each other. Well we moved back in together going on 3 months now. However, I’ve recently encountered that he has been speaking to other women by phone. I personally have cut ties with all my male friends before entering this relationship again. I found out by accident. He denied the whole thing. I called each one and found out that neither of the 3 knew I nor my little daughter existed. I ask GOD to please forgive me for being unkind to him at finding this out. I was hurt and my trust has been tampered with. I of course left everything up to God; but with that I’ve asked my ex to leave. He now resides with his family. I need to be forgiven for not letting it rest. Getting over it. Like my ex always told me to do. I know I can go on. Cause I was a single mother for 3 years. But this in the past wasnt the reason for divorce with him. I have forgiven him, but cant seem to forget. In the process other issues from his past have risen. I cant seem to filter everything that he finally told me after I confronted him. In other words he confessed many things to me. I can no longer see him the same. Does this make me unGodly? Dont know what to do? Please help.

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