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Family Corner (Teaching Forgiveness--July 2003)

In what area(s) do you need to be forgiven by someone?


Date: 7/8/2003 2:16:21 PM
Name or Pseudonym: Ann
Subject: to Prayer Warrior

Ah, the old motherhood self imposed guilt trip. First, I am very sorry to hear of the passing of your daughter last year. I’ve never lost a child and can not even imagine the depth of grief that you are dealing with.

I, too am a single mother of 4. I read what you think you need forgiveness for and to be quite honest, I think Jesus would be smiling down on you instead of your asking HIM for forgiveness. You held the family together, you provided for them, you maintained the balance between needs and wants and determined when the time was right for each.
We do the best we can and that is all we can do. You can raise a child in a total Catholic or other denominational atmosphere and they will still lack at least some resistance of evil. Because they are human and they, too, have things that need forgiving. You can give them all the spiritual guidance in the world but it is ultimately up to them.

Please forgive yourself. God already has.

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