Conversation Corner
Family Corner (The Gift of Time--June 2003)

Read about one of God’s precious gifts—time. Discuss healthy ways your family shares this gift.


Date: 7/18/2003 12:18:13 PM
Name or Pseudonym: mag
Subject: Time

My wife and I have always spent every spare minute we have with each other. Now that we have a little boy we spend all of our available time on him as well. We just can’t see how some people "waste" their time with sports and hanging out with friends instead of your spouse. We figure that someday something will happen to one of us and we do not want to look back on the time we had and regret not spending enough time with each other. We use the dinner table as well as our gathering place. We use it every night to eat, talk and catch-up with each other. We are also teaching our son to sit at the table, not just eat and watch TV, so we turn the TV off.

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