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Family Corner (The Gift of Time--June 2003)

Read about one of God’s precious gifts—time. Discuss healthy ways your family shares this gift.


Date: 7/8/2003 11:10:21 AM
Name or Pseudonym: A Martha
Subject: Time

In 2000 Our Bishop called a Synod in our Diocese to mark it’s 100th anniversary in 2002, he called all catholics "to the table" via Parish Speak-ups across the Diocese.

During months of dialogue across the Diocese time and the lack of it and how that was affecting families/parishes/church was a topic at every gathering, one parishioner shared a term he had heard used when discussing this phenomenon "TIME POVERTY".

This name stuck and in the final Synod Session our Diocese made a committment to call families to face the issue of "Time Poverty" and to help families regain their right to establish boundaries AND priorities around the issue of their God-given gift of "time".

Many years ago the supper table was our families sharing place too, 7 children and Mom and Dad, I liked the other person’s reference to it as the Family Eucharist, a wonderful image and God’s truth.

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