Conversation Corner
Family Corner (The Gift of Time--June 2003)

Read about one of God’s precious gifts—time. Discuss healthy ways your family shares this gift.


Date: 6/20/2003 3:44:05 PM
Name or Pseudonym: M5w
Subject: Dinner Time

We also value dinner time as a time to catch up on each others’ days. My husband and I try to draw the children into telling us about their day. I might ask everyone to tell me something funny that happened that day. We ask about their schoolwork, activities, friends, etc. My children talk to us, and we all laugh together. When my husband works late and misses dinner, one of my children instinctively asks the questions to get the conversation going. We cannot spend a great deal of time at the table most nights because of homework and activities, but the time we do spend we try to make it positive and fun.

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