Conversation Corner
Family Corner (The Gift of Time--June 2003)

Read about one of God’s precious gifts—time. Discuss healthy ways your family shares this gift.


Date: 6/13/2003 8:21:05 AM
Name or Pseudonym: prayer wrrior
Subject: time

for 13 years I was a single parent, four was difficult having time together because of the differences in their ages and the very busy schedule we all kept...but dinner time was our special time as well...I knew that they did not eat right at school and depended on junk food to get through days of practices, soon as I came in from work I would cook a "country" supper (meat, rice or potatoes, cooked vegetable, hot bread) put everyone in a good mood and we talked and was the best of that I am older, my youngest is in college away from night a week, I drive in and spend the night and cook a ’country’ supper just for he and his roommate...we share thoughts, fears, makes my week and I hope it gives him the support he needs to stay on God’s track in these difficult times...meals are good for the body, but can also be good for the soul...

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