Conversation Corner
Family Corner (The Gift of Time--June 2003)

Read about one of God’s precious gifts—time. Discuss healthy ways your family shares this gift.


Date: 6/10/2003 8:43:48 PM
Name or Pseudonym: sqwid
Subject: Dinner

One of the ways our family shared the gift of time (oh, so many years ago) was when we gathered around the table for our evening meal. We made the time to stop everything and be together--even if the meal was as simple as a hot dog or a hamburger from McDonald’s! It was the best time of the day. We told our tales of the day, listened to each other, shared perspectives and learned about each other. When my ex-husband left the family, I bought a new dining room table to start new conversations. Even when oldest son left for college, younger son and I continued the nightly discourse. Now that both sons are older, we still gather around the table for special dinners. It connects us all. No one ever acts like they are in a hurry. I like to think of it as our Family Eucharist time. I hope this evening tradition continues with my sons and their future families. It was the glue of dinnertime that held us together!

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