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Family Corner (Loving Our Enemies --May 2003)

Love is a decision, not just a feeling. Discuss the difference between loving and liking someone.


Date: 5/23/2003 8:06:16 AM
Name or Pseudonym: prayer warrior
Subject: sqwid

You are to be admired for your ability to have such a relationship with your X! It has been a long time since the divorce and my heart still aches...4 children and 22 years of marriage ended because I was no longer ’young’...the children were neglected and that is what hurt the most...but after 15 years things are better between he and the children...but it still is a strain whenever we are together?? ackward, uncomfortable, all those unpleasant priest has helped me deal with the shock from the first and counseling helped me to not feel like a failure, so that is love like are my hero! I will never stop trying to get beyond it all...thank you for sharing...

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