Conversation Corner
Family Corner (Loving Our Enemies --May 2003)

Love is a decision, not just a feeling. Discuss the difference between loving and liking someone.


Date: 5/21/2003 2:31:01 PM
Name or Pseudonym: prayer warrior
Subject: littleflower

love IS are so right there are many things that influence us...if we allow the influence of God’s love then we can love in the right way...if we let past experiences only shape our choices concerning love, we are in deep trouble!
not only warm, fuzzy feelings are good...and they are not always necessary to love, God or man...acceptance of imperfections in ourselves and others make loving possible...I guess that is why God’s love is so perfect...and why we have so far to go...choices shape our ability and the quality of our love...may angels watch over you

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