Conversation Corner
Family Corner (Loving Our Enemies --May 2003)

Love is a decision, not just a feeling. Discuss the difference between loving and liking someone.


Date: 5/14/2003 1:43:58 PM
Name or Pseudonym: littleflower
Subject: Prayer Warrior

Dear Prayer Warrior,
I agree with you that we do have a choice. I believe "love" is learned just as hate is we love probably has many factors connected with it....such as how we were loved...what we were taught in our background, etc.
Christian love does not always have the "feelings of love...the warm, fuzzy feeling) it is merely NOT wishing evil or harm on another...even if we don’t care for them.
I think learning to accept people just as they are is is very difficult at times...especially the surly ones.
I feel we need God’s graces to do all things...including this...liking and loving.
God bless.

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