Conversation Corner
Family Corner (Loving Our Enemies --May 2003)

Love is a decision, not just a feeling. Discuss the difference between loving and liking someone.


Date: 4/30/2003 2:29:12 PM
Name or Pseudonym: Maria
Subject: love&like

I find love to be a deep feeling, I would rather suffer the hurt or sickness or disease or misfortune than have someone I love suffer even a bit. I like people for their good qualities, kindness, cheerfulness, generosity, not necessarily having all these qualities at once. Although, I think deep down we really love each other and wish no one harm. The same way there is a thin line between love and hate I think there is a very thin line between love and like. Most people have good qualities and look to help others. Jesus said love one another as I have loved you, from this should emanate our good feelings toward others.

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