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Family Corner (Loving Our Enemies --May 2003)

Love is a decision, not just a feeling. Discuss the difference between loving and liking someone.

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Welcome to a new forum hosted by America... 4/30/2003
love&like Maria 4/30/2003
yes joe 5/6/2003
joe paryer warrior 5/9/2003
Love is a decision, not just a feeling. ... myke Egbuna 6/6/2003
love is a decision, not just a feeling.... joseph peter 6/24/2003
love or like XO 6/7/2003
Love / Like butterfly 6/10/2003
Love is a decision?? Pat 5/2/2003
to Pat HC 6/16/2003
AAAAGGGHHHHH!! Pat 6/18/2003
agreement HC 6/20/2003
Love and Liking Prayer Warrior 5/5/2003
Choice? Pat 5/8/2003
pat prayer warrior 5/9/2003
Prayer warrior Pat 5/13/2003
Pat prayer warrior 5/21/2003
Prayer Warrior Pat 5/23/2003
No Choice? Ray 6/1/2003
Ray Pat 6/4/2003
Choice Greg 6/11/2003
Choose Pat 6/13/2003
love/like samsam 6/17/2003
Prayer Warrior littleflower 5/14/2003
littleflower prayer warrior 5/21/2003
Agree Gisele 6/18/2003
active effort newbie 5/8/2003
Loving someone! Bob 5/13/2003
Love or to like Hawleysangel 5/13/2003
Love is a decision, not just a feeling. ... amd 5/21/2003
love/like sqwid 5/8/2003
sqwid Maria 5/9/2003
more thoughts sqwid 5/13/2003
Squid littleflower 5/14/2003
Dear Littleflower sqwid 5/20/2003
sqwid prayer warrior 5/23/2003
the benefits of loving sqwid 5/26/2003
I feel you 100% Hawleysangel 5/14/2003
Hawleysangel sqwid 5/20/2003
Feeling someone 100 % Ray 6/1/2003
Love or to like Hawleysangel 5/14/2003
LOVE PAULIST 5/25/2003
Love 1Cor 13, 4-8 5/28/2003
Can it really be defined? Jeremy 5/27/2003
This is love St. John 5/31/2003
This is love St. John 6/1/2003
like/love tia yolanda 5/31/2003
tia prayer warrior 6/4/2003

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