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Family Corner (Tilling the Soil--April 2003)

Who or what gives you hope when the world around you seems dark and scary?


Date: 4/15/2003 2:34:08 PM
Name or Pseudonym: prayer warrior
Subject: littleflower

Hi littleflower,
when I read your reply to Nini I was amazed!! just yesterday, at mass, Father talked about how christian religions are the only religions that acknowledge the role of suffering in this life as part of our preparation for heaven...and that suffering by and through Christ IS our way to heaven...your words were so reaffirming...I, too, try very hard to join my crosses with seem to have found out how...I am still searching...I usually take back what I give and struggle with the weight of that cross...I pray that I will come to the place of spiritual growth that you have seemed to have reached...God has truly blessed you...

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