Conversation Corner
Family Corner (Tilling the Soil--April 2003)

Who or what gives you hope when the world around you seems dark and scary?


Date: 4/15/2003 2:28:50 PM
Name or Pseudonym: Maria
Subject: little flower

Yes, the one and only "bobsey twin" am I. I keep forgetting that we are "twins". I follow all your posts and am always happy when you find me or I find you. Yes, the AA saying "let go let God" is so liberating and I must remember to say it often. I tend to get bogged down in things and feelings; instead of fighting I find when I say "let go let God" I actually feel better emotionally and mentally. I will be away for a while. Happy Easter and I will pray for you and all my electronic "friends" especially for you my "bobsey twin".

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