Conversation Corner
Family Corner (Tilling the Soil--April 2003)

Who or what gives you hope when the world around you seems dark and scary?


Date: 4/11/2003 3:19:44 PM
Name or Pseudonym: littleflower
Subject: Maria

Hi Maria,
Are you my "Bobsey Twin" Maria? If so I say HI... If not I still say HI and want to say that you mentioned the AA too is one of my favorites....also...I have learned so much from the "12 step" and Alanon...if everyone could live what the steps provide what a better World we would live in.
Also..the Serenity Prayer contains so much wisdom.Often in my life I say this little prayer and hope that God grants me these graces to faithfully trust and hope in Him and His Divine Providence.
God bless you and all you love.

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