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Family Corner (The Shepherd’s Viewpoint--March 2003)

Was there ever a time when you wandered off and lost your spiritual awareness? Who or what brought you back?


Date: 4/29/2003 7:12:36 PM
Name or Pseudonym: Corithian
Subject: cool

Can I tell you how uplifting it was to read your experience? well it was uplifting...Angels do exsist without them who would have told Mary about her son? Often times then not it takes those miracles both large and small to really put life and the absence of God in it into perspective. I too have been saved as a teenager and I learn new things everyday as I’m sure you have. I really just wanted to tell you that you mentioned about not wanting to tell people about your experience because they will laugh...I’m glad you did and I hope that you may continue to share it with believers and non-believers, we were put on this Earth by our Heavenly Father to do his work, to share his word, to tell people He is the only one. If they laugh pray for them because they do not have something that you and I have...every word we speak every action we make should show all people that we are believers of the Lord. Please continue to be a witness in his name.

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