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Family Corner (The Shepherd’s Viewpoint--March 2003)

Was there ever a time when you wandered off and lost your spiritual awareness? Who or what brought you back?


Date: 4/8/2003 10:07:40 PM
Name or Pseudonym: Leigh
Subject: Hi ya Maria!

Oh, you got me! I THINK Sedona was real, no way to ever know, but she was there for me just the same...put there by God, i suppose, because I couldn’t have made it through without her! It was really bizzare when and where she would pop up...
I’d LOVE to tell you her last name, ’cause it was very ironic, but I don’t think she would appreciate that (human or angel, lmao!).

I know this whole experience was to show my reason for being alive, and that’s to take care of people--like Sedona did for me. I want people to know how protected we all are and that even when things go very wrong, they can be for the better.

I’m so glad you understand what I mean, most people laugh at these things, so I never talk about them. It’s really sad isn’t it?

From what I’ve come to understand we have a gazillion angels with us all the time--even mean people have them. All different kinds of angels (for different purposes). I read this book called "Running With The Giants", it’s fairly common, but it says that we are surrounded by a "cloud of angels". So nice to know, isn’t it?

I will keep you dear in my prayers, Maria! You are a true friend of God...
Peace and hugs,

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