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Family Corner (The Shepherd’s Viewpoint--March 2003)

Was there ever a time when you wandered off and lost your spiritual awareness? Who or what brought you back?

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Family Corner Author Date

Welcome to a new forum hosted by America... 2/25/2003
Wondered off and Lost Grace Full of Trust 4/7/2003
Full of Trust Maria 4/9/2003
wondered off and was lost prayer warrior 4/9/2003
Was there ever a time when you wandered ... J 2/26/2003
J Maria 3/3/2003
Was there ever a time when you wandered ... Chris 3/18/2003
Chris Maria 3/19/2003
Belief Gisele 3/25/2003
Wandering and coming back Carlie 3/5/2003
Faith Gisele 3/25/2003
Spiritual Guidance Karole 3/5/2003
Was there ever time when you wandered of... Sarah 3/2/2003
hang in there best wishes 3/14/2003
best wishes Maria 3/17/2003
To Sarah Joseph 3/18/2003
Bless you Gisele 3/25/2003
Sarah GM 4/1/2003
to sarah prayer warrior 4/9/2003
To Sarah (from Sarah) SarahToo 4/11/2003
Sarah littleflower 4/14/2003
confused uche 3/4/2003
Confused no more Carmen 3/12/2003
Carmen Maria 3/14/2003
uche Maria 3/13/2003
hi there Leigh 4/3/2003
Coming back to the faith Nancy M 3/5/2003
Nancy M Maria 3/13/2003
For Sarah Clare 3/14/2003
Life can get lonely even in a crowd Chris 3/18/2003
Back Home Again Dave 3/15/2003
Dave Maria 3/17/2003
maria prayer warrior 4/9/2003
prayer warrior Maria 4/11/2003
Confirmation Dave 4/26/2003
you asked for it! *grin!* Leigh 4/3/2003
Leigh Maria 4/3/2003
Hi ya Maria! Leigh 4/8/2003
Angels sqwid 4/19/2003
Leigh & angels prayer warrior 4/21/2003
cool Corithian 4/29/2003
Return to faith Big Jim 4/17/2003
Still Lost angel56 4/19/2003
angel56 prayer warrior 4/21/2003
Dear Angel Lost sqwid 4/21/2003
explore newbie 4/21/2003
Re; Still Lost Big Jim 4/21/2003
Lost but now I’ve found: Him Corinthian 4/26/2003

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