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Family Corner (The Mustard Seed of Kindness--February 2003)

For Valentine's Day, what good deeds can you do?


Date: 1/28/2003 2:47:55 PM
Name or Pseudonym: nell
Subject: For Valentine’s Day, what good deeds can you do?

I can only define good deeds as those that are unconditional, that is, there are no real reasons behind them except to bring a smile to someone’s face, or momentary pause for a nice effort.
For Valentine’s Day, good deeds from me will range from paying for the bus for the person behind me in line, paying for lunch for a homeless person, holding the elevator for someone rushing to catch one, assisting someone with an armload of papers or books, hugging my friends and family a little tighter and longer, sending valentine cards to everyone I love... and concluding each act and word with God Bless You, and meaning it. I will take time to pray for that person before I take my rest.
God Bless you All!

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