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Family Corner (The Mustard Seed of Kindness--February 2003)

For Valentine's Day, what good deeds can you do?


Date: 1/28/2003 11:14:59 AM
Name or Pseudonym: Ray - Churchtown PA
Subject: Backyard Wildlife Habitat Valentines Day

It is the 30th Anniversary for the Backyard Wildlife Habitat Program - Give the Wildlife a Valentines Day Present and sign up to be a National Wildlife Habitat..
...have you signed up yet...there is a book on your website: The Sun and Moon Over...
and a short description in the text crediting the spirit of St. Francis for keeping the environment pristine around His home town...
...just think if all the Franciscans and SFO’s signed up for the program...and they all got their humble stories in the newspapers...Franciscans and SFO’s and St. Francis protecting the endangered environment
around their little habitats...What a wonderful Valentines Day for our animal friends who are losing their habitats...go to for more information...even if you only have a back porch you can sign up-it’s a wonderful program...
Peace from our Backyard Habitat Shepherd Too
Number 21536 - Happy Valentines Day to God’s Creatures
Ray and Megan - Churchtown Pa

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