Conversation Corner
Family Corner (Moving Beyond Fear--January 2003)

Talk about biblical heroes who worked for the plan of God to happen.


Date: 2/19/2003 11:09:01 AM
Name or Pseudonym: Twisto
Subject: Queen Of Peace

The first hero of the bible is Mary and one of my favorites to ponder. Mary is the only truly intimate soul when it comes to know Jesus. She was by her son’s side and knows God’s will better than any of us. My favorite prayer is the recitation of the Rosary. Contemplating the Rosary is the best way to put the life of Jesus in perspective for us all. With her in heaven I believe we are all granted peace when asking for her loving help. Mary brought the only man to date that has split time in two, B.C. & A.D., for this we will always remember Mary and Jesus in our hearts forever.

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