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Family Corner (The Blessings in Serving--November 2002)

How can your family make Thanksgiving more special this year?


Date: 11/9/2002 1:52:49 AM
Name or Pseudonym: Ginni Girardot-Counard
Subject: Making Thanksgiving More Special

Making Thanksgiving More Special

This is a very special time of year for us-family time. This was the last holiday I spent with my father-as a few days later he passed on. I really loved my father. This is the time my mom drove herself to the hospital only to code in the ER- 2 times. She survived long enough for us to fly home and be able to say good bye to our beloved mother. My father-in-law Pete made the best stuffing for turkey using hamburger and potatoes, etc. Pete has now passed-so Thanksgiving makes us always remember him too. No one can make his stuffing. We all try-but it is just NOT the same!! He was buried around Thanksgiving. My mother in law loved Halloween. She passed away suddenly on Devil’s night. She was buried around Thanksgiving. So, this holiday we remember our beloved parents. It brings tears to our eyes but also gladness as we know they are in a better place and are happy-as they are with God.

How can one make this Holiday even more special for my family? By talking about family memories-joys and sorrows on this beautiful day. By spending the day with the family. By inviting those who may not have any family or anywheres to go for this holiday to share our joy and to also share their life’s joys and sorrows regarding Thanksgiving. What greater gift is there than to share ones table filled with love with someone not so fortunate as ourselves?
God’s gift to all of us-was his love. It is our time to share our love with others. God Bless us all!

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