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God In Our Midst (Home for the Holidays--December 2003)

How do you feel and act when you believe someone has gotten away with something?


Date: 12/6/2003 9:08:22 PM
Name or Pseudonym: Clare
Subject: Getting away with something...

Upon realizing someone has gotten away with something,I become absolutely furious. Until recently, I would act in anger and confront the person immediately-usually one of my employees..But now I am, through the Grace of God, realizing that it does me no good to do that. I try to calm down and think about what has happened and then just let it go-unless it hurts someone or interferes with the business-then I pray and let my initial fury abate and then go to the person and try to correct the problem they have caused-not accusing them but showing them that such and such has happened -now how do we fix it.....It’s not easy, but better for blood pressure not to mention my relationship with God and the person...

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