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God In Our Midst (You Are Hereby Invited--November 2003)

Who would you be most uncomfortable sitting with at that event?


Date: 12/11/2003 2:09:49 PM
Name or Pseudonym: Oscar
Subject: Whom do you serve?

Very interesting take on things. He would be turned away from the communion table? Let’s not forget that Christ is really present at every Mass - or at least we hope that He would deign to come down to the altar even though these days it really is only a table.
Let’s also not forget that all people are welcome to enter into the Catholic Faith, and so all are welcome if they are willing to grant the assent of their will to Christ. If they do not wish to serve Christ, why would they desire to come to Mass in the first place? Mass is not a party, it is not a fellowship gathering, it is not a place to socialize or mingle, and it is not some oecumenical happy meal. It is the solemn worship of God, instituted by Our Lord Himself. Christ, the only perfect sacrifice, is offered up to God the Father for adoration, thanksgiving, atonement, and further graces.
It wasn’t that He didn’t fit in with religion - the people He came to save didn’t accept Him. For example, when He told His disciples that He was the bread of life; when He said that men must, "eat of my flesh and drink of my blood," they did not understand. So He said, "My flesh is meat indeed" to illustrate that He was not employing metaphor; He wanted to be taken literally. The Gospel tells us that most abandoned Christ at this point, never to walk among Him again. Since the focal point of (true) religion is (the Triune) God, then Christ certainly fit in with religion. Those who chose (and those who continue to choose) not to believe Him are the ones that don’t fit in, and they will not be allowed at the eternal banquet.
The Kingdom on earth is the Catholic Church. All are welcome who will accept the Christian (Catholic) Faith whole and entire. Those who remain outside do so by choice.
My question to you is this: Why should the Catholic Church be expected to ignore the bedrock truths of Her theology, to the detriment of all mankind, simply to appease the non-Catholic world? To whom do we owe our allegience, God or mammon?

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