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God In Our Midst (You Are Hereby Invited--November 2003)

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Date: 11/20/2003 3:07:54 PM
Name or Pseudonym: Entwydumela
Subject: Getting Dressed

It seems to me that whether a person is rich (as the world accounts rich) or not, we, as followers of Christ, are to follow His example in correcting our brother, or sister, in their behavior. When Jesus assaulted the money changers and turned over the tables at the Temple, He directed us, by His example, to do likewise. Certainly, we must accede to Wisdom in these matters. His life was full of meanings in His parables, sayings and actions to direct us in our actions, responces, and reactions to situations put before us. All dealt with the relationship between God the Father and us, the community of believers. Certainly, Paul admonishes us to act in this manner: to correct our brother when they sin. We are all called to witness to His love for us, to witness in our devotions and prayers, to witness in the community at large by our charity, and to witness to His Love and Healing through our intervention when one is in error. This means that we have a responsibility to correct the offending behavior. This is not a judgement of the person, but of the behavior as it is seen against Commandments. When it was written that we shall not steal, it was against the action and not a condemnation (judgement) that once and act of stealing was commited, the sinner was relegated for the rest of his life as a thief. If that were so, there would no value in repentence. No. It is clear that we are to judge and action, and having judged in the light of Wisdom, guided by the Holy Spirit -- prayer, the guidence of the more knowledgeable, etc. -- we are to admonish and rebuke, if necessary, in order to help, with the aid of Grace, bring back the sinner into the community of believers.

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